Monday, May 16, 2011

petticoat junction

I am just not finding time to blog! It seems like one baby falls asleep and the other wakes up. (I am babysitting my cousin's 4 month old in addition to caring for my guy)

I have been feeling inspired by a challenge, though. A friend and I both own lots of dresses and skirts, but never wear them. We decided to wear them every day for the month of May. I am actually feeling like I never want to go back to jeans! It really is amazing how good you feel when your outfit is PUT TOGETHER. I really want to share pictures with you, but I've been having camera issues. grr. Hopefully I will get that squared away and have a few glamor shots to share at the end of the month.

Right now the Lilac festival is happening here in Rochester. It is mostly a trashy carnival (think deep fried oreos), but there is also a beautiful winding walk through the park with tons of blooming lilac bushes! I hope the weather improves so that I can go out and smell the flowers (literally and in that figurative, meandering way).

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