Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I was feeling ambitious yesterday so I attempted to style my hair. I have pretty much never done this before. I mean, I can do a ponytail, and I can use a headband, and that is literally as far as I have ever gone.

I didn't feel too intimidated by this cute style, though, as it was well explained by Elsie over at A Beautiful Mess in her tutorial.

(The second picture also gives you a glimpse of what I'm wearing today [pink belt!] and my new thrifted shower curtain.)

If you've been nervous about attempting to style your hair- don't be! Just jump in and give it a try- you might be really pleased with the results.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Balloons, balloons!

This weekend was Park Avenue festival: your typical summer arts festival full of watercolors, junk to buy, crap to eat, and crowds! Not usually my idea of a good time, but it happens, like, 2 blocks from our house. Plus our friend Meredith had a booth selling her awesome robot mugs so we wanted to stop by and say hello.

but the most important event to come out of this year's Park Ave fest is the discovery that MURPHY FREAKING LOVES BALLOONS! Observe (while excusing our messy kitchen, please):

Ever since I've been singing this song nonstop:

Winning spirit

Thank you so much to the lovely ladies over at Modern Kiddo for sponsoring the sweet giveaway that I WON! This actually happened last week but I didn't mention it sooner because I have been too busy drooling over all the great goodies over at Apricot Culotte and deciding how to spend my gift card.

I finally decided on a sweet vest and pants by Ideo. I can't wait until they arrive and I will be sure to make an outfit post for Murphy sporting his new duds!

Thanks again to all involved in making this giveaway possible, and a hearty hello and thank you to anyone who may have stumbled this way from Modern Kiddo. Nice to meet ya!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yards of awesome

Today I stumbled on an amazing gem. The kind of place so awesome, I'm almost wary to tell you about it because I want to keep it to myself. The place, ladies and gents (any gents out there?) is Crafts Bits and Pieces in Fairport, NY. It's a thrift store that only stocks craft supplies! I mean, are you kidding me??? Hellooooo to awesome vintage fabric! Welcome to retro patterns and notions! And it's all for charity-- woot, woot!

I bought all of these fabrics today:

Now I just need to decide what to sew! None of the pieces is bigger than a yard, so nothing too ambitious. I was thinking of making shorts and a hat for Murphy out of the neon navajo print. I'm really stuck about what to do with the one in the center on top. There are lots of adorable animals on it, but it is only a 14" piece. Ideas?

The shop also sells aprons made out of the fabrics they receive, and I bought a cute kid's sized one for Murphy. I love the animal print- it reminds me of the wallpaper in my childhood bedroom. It's still pretty large on him, but I can't wait for the days when it does double duty as apron for a kitchen helper and artist! (Photo brought to you by toddler blur-o-vision).

Finding this store today reminded me to be thankful for my relatively new love of sewing. I am telling you, I NEVER thought I would be the crafty type. Ever since seventh grade Home & Careers class I would swear up and down that I was NOT a seamstress, but I've really learned to love it and have gained some new confidence from my blossoming mad skillz. (Another thing I never thought I would do: use the phrase "blossoming mad skillz")