Friday, July 29, 2011

The driest month since this month.

I have decided to stop drinking for one month. It's a complicated issue for me but, basically, I've been getting just a little too bombed out of my mind in certain social situations lately. I don't like getting to the point where I "accidentally" have four more drinks, and I also don't like waking up in the morning with the dreaded sense that I was a spectacle the night before.

Sooooo...I've decided to call it quits for one month and see what I learn about myself in the process. The only exception I plan to make is for the toast at my dear friend's wedding this weekend, and I mean seriously I will only be sipping for the toast.

I feel pretty weird posting about this on my blog as it's more personal than I usually get, but I thought the accountability would be helpful. Also, maybe someone is reading this and thinking "hmm, I have been getting STOOPID wrecked lately, maybe I will try this, too." And probably...maybe...that's a good thing.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Open Letter to the Weather

Dear Jerkface,

Chill the eff out already! Just because you were being quiet and nobody was talking about you for five minutes does not mean that you need to freak out and start shouting "Hey everybody, look at me! 100 degrees-- BAM!" What are you three years old?

Why can't you be more like Seattle's weather, huh? Seattle's weather never makes these kinds of pathetic grabs for attention (although it is kind of a crybaby, har har.)

Weather, the worst part about this tantrum you're having is that you're leaving me no choice but to talk about it. You're consuming our daily lives with it. It's summertime-- can't we all just relax by the wading pool with some sun tea?

Looking forward to the return of your sanity (and mine),


Monday, July 18, 2011

Mom Shorts

I found this shirt and the shorts at the thrift store. The shorts are very mom-ish, but I cuffed them to make them a little shorter, and I think I have managed to style the outfit to minimize the effect.

At any rate, this is probably the most hipster-ish outfit I have, so I wore it in honor of my good friends Marlene & Pete leaving for their honeymoon to Portland, OR!

shirt- thrifted
shorts- thrifted
belt and shoes- f21
headband- goody goody!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

"I Suck" and other stories

I've been avoiding you. I'm sorry, but it's true. Over the past month I have THOUGHT about many would-be blog posts, but none of them happen because of the grouchy jerk in my head who lets me know that I am boring and nobody wants to read what I write. Oh, she also let's me know how bad my photos are in no uncertain terms. Every day I sit down with my Goggle Reader and enjoy Harper's Happenings, Little Chief Honeybee, Katie's Pencil Box, Alphabet and other awesome blogs. I get lots of great inspiration from these folks, but they also set off that grouch again who let's me know that I could never do what they do.

So, there you have it-- if you didn't already know-- I have terrible self esteem. I have been trying really hard to change this, but it's hard to just toss away something that's been with you since elementary school, ya know?

One thing I will say: I think I've made real progress with my body image, and I very much owe this to the blogs I read. All the lovely ladies blogging about style have inspired me to think more about what I wear and to try more daring outfits, even if I am not a size 2 (or even a size 10, come to that). I feel better about the way I look, no I just need to find a way to feel better about the person I am inside and the things that I do.

What do YOU do when you need a self-esteem boost?

p.s.- You know what actually helped a little? Writing this post. How 'bout that.