Friday, July 29, 2011

The driest month since this month.

I have decided to stop drinking for one month. It's a complicated issue for me but, basically, I've been getting just a little too bombed out of my mind in certain social situations lately. I don't like getting to the point where I "accidentally" have four more drinks, and I also don't like waking up in the morning with the dreaded sense that I was a spectacle the night before.

Sooooo...I've decided to call it quits for one month and see what I learn about myself in the process. The only exception I plan to make is for the toast at my dear friend's wedding this weekend, and I mean seriously I will only be sipping for the toast.

I feel pretty weird posting about this on my blog as it's more personal than I usually get, but I thought the accountability would be helpful. Also, maybe someone is reading this and thinking "hmm, I have been getting STOOPID wrecked lately, maybe I will try this, too." And probably...maybe...that's a good thing.

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