Tuesday, May 17, 2011

powder puff

I try to be conscious of the environment and health concerns, you know? I'm crunchy like that. For YEARS now I've been using this Nature's Gate deodorant which seemed pretty innocuous to me and smelled great. I recently looked it up in the Skin Deep database, though, and it scored a 4! If you don't know, the Skin Deep database rates the safety of personal care products and the scale starts with zero being the best. A 4 is worse than many conventional commercial deodorants! Well, I was very disheartened by this so I think I'm going the make the extra hippie-ish switch to using baking soda. The fun part is, I decided to purchase this vintage powder jar on etsy to hold the "deodorant":


Well, I had get something pretty to make me feel better about making the switch. I hope it works for me! Do you use a natural deodorant? How does it work for you?

In other news, I took Murph out thrifting with me the other day and I clearly wore him out! This kind of sleeping is unprecedented for him.


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