Friday, November 18, 2011

Answering the call

I felt a slight breeze and heard a whisper that seemed to come from far away and from inside myself simultaneously. You vintage junkies know what I'm talking about the CALL OF THE THRIFT. It always pays off to heed the call, even if I am actually insane. This time it even told me which thrift store would grant me three wishes. And three wishes I was granted.

One and Two:

The book on the right is a classic picture dictionary that includes such gems as "My handkerchief has my name written on it" and "These are my long pants. I feel grown-up now." It was also illustrated by my boyfriend, Richard Scarry, although it is a very different style from the busy world we know and love.

The book on the left is pretty pbbfflliitt content wise, but has a wonderful twist. The whole thing is based on an old ad campaign for Health-tex, so all the illustrations feature the raddest health-tex clothes you ever did see. Like, yessssssss:


I saw it peaking out from between a bunch of boring Carter's onesies from several feet away. I knew, even before I saw the applique, that I was in for a treat. Boo- freakin- ya. Unfortunately I do not currently have any babbies this size. (No tags, the thrift store's estimate was 6-9 months). If anyone out there is itching for this one, drop me a line, we'll talk Paypal. This is the kind of find that makes me rethink that idea about opening an etsy vintage shop, whatcha think?

Thank you thrift muses. What rewards have you reaped by answering the creepy, zealous call of the thrift?

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  1. That's so funny, I totally know what you mean by the little whisper in your ear :) And those owl pants are amazing! I hate to pass up cute vintage stuff just cuz my kids are too big...