Friday, November 4, 2011

Anything can happen on Halloween

So, I promised pictures of my little man in his Han Solo costume, didn't I? Thing is, I didn't really get any good pictures of him in his costume. He's on the move like nobody's business. "Oh, you want to take a picture, Mom? I'll just shout 'CHEEEESE!' while I'm running away. That counts, right?"

Also a frightening portion of our day was this:

I know I shouldn't have had EXPECTATIONS for Halloween, but I never seem to be able to stop myself from the "Oh, he's going to love this" mentality. I should have known that the crowds and loud music at the children's museum Halloween dance would freak him out. Should have. But instead we tried to get him into it ("Come on, buddy, let's dance!" "Say trick-or-treat to Dorothy and Toto!")... and he retaliated by having a 100% melt down after his nap (yes, after!).

He was screaming and crying for at least 45 minutes and flailing around-- not wanting to be held but clinging to me at the same time. Parents, you probably know the kind of tantrum I'm talking about. Lots of feelings.

In the end, the only thing that calmed him down, was dropping his head onto my shoulder while I sang "Everything's Alright" from Jesus Christ Superstar* to him. We sat in the rocking chair and I sang and sang. Occasionally he would pop up to point out that his stuffed monkey has eyes or somesuch, and then he'd put his head back down and say "please", asking me to keep singing. It ended up being a better moment than any Monster Mash dance party could have been.

Okay, riding the carousel with his Chewbacca was a pretty fabulous moment, too.

*Just the first verse before Judas comes into it, not the WHOLE song. That would be sort of weird.

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