Thursday, January 27, 2011

the weight of things

I finally joined a handful of swaps over at Swap Bot. This is a website where you can search for swaps to join and then it automatically assigns partners and sends you reminders and all of that. A fun and exciting way to get mail! I joined a couple of very small swaps (a postcard, some ribbon) just to get my feet wet, but I'm really excited about the kawaii stationery and thrift store swaps. Those are two of my very favorite things!

In other news, Murphy's clothes are taking over my life! How does a one year old have so many clothes?! It seems like every day I open up his shirt drawer and try to weed out the unnecessary stuff, but I'm having a really hard time making the decision to ax anything. Most of his shirts are either solid color, which seem too practical to get rid of, or vintage stuff I found at the thrift store that is too awesome to get rid of. This is pretty much the same problem I run into with my own closet. How do you keep yours in control, Internet?

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