Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thrift Score!

Lately I've been trying to sew some diapers for Murph, but it hasn't been working out so well. The diapers look okay, but I made a small and a medium and he clearly needs something in between. I think I will look for a different pattern rather than try yo modify the one we've been using from Covered Caboose. Perhaps we will try to Ottobre pattern?

Today I made a serious thrift SCORE. I got a classic khaki trench coat with zip out winter lining for 99 cents! It was supposed to be 8.99, which still would have been a steal, but it was the clearance tag color of the day- whoopie! I'm going to get it dry cleaned to see if a few spots can be cleaned away, but after that I will take a pic. They also had a pretty sharp members only jacket, but the credit card machine was down and I didn't have enough cash.

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