Monday, June 6, 2011

Home Sweet Home: Fairies Edition

My very good friend, Tanis (since third grade!), is the director of art programs at Artpark, a super cool state park in our home town. On Sunday they hosted a fairy house festival that Tanis put together and it was wonderful! We went to join the fun and see the fairy houses made out of natural materials. There were lots of fairy houses made by local artists, and there was also the opportunity for kids to go into the woods and collect materials to make their own fairy houses in the park. How cool is that? All of my pictures came out really blue and I sure don't know how to fix it.

Then after the festival, we had lunch at the Silo, right on the Niagara River, and I was reminded yet again that I was actually really lucky to have grown up here.


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  1. this is such an amazing and adorable idea!! <3