Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I liked about today


Eating leftovers of these delicious cheddar gougères for breakfast. We get Food and Wine magazine every month and I think this was the first time Jon actually made one of their recipes. Divine!


Good mail day! Instead of the usual bills and junk, today I got a Netflix, and a lovely little package from Jane Boston!


Loving my little guy. Any mothers out there know, you always love your kids, but some days you just feel it more than others. Lately I've been feeling tired and kinda fed up with being mom, but today he is just putting smiles on my face.


Bulk foods from the co-op! I felt very crunchy today bringing in my own jars to fill with lentils and wheat gluten. When money is looking a little better I hope to do most all of my shopping there. The maple syrup and wheat gluten will both play integral rolls in tonight's dinner: seitan "chicken" and waffles. ommnommomg!

1 comment:

  1. whatever is in that basket, i want some. they look delicious. i've never heard of that fancy word before..are they biscuits?
    yay! glad my envelope arrived safely.