Friday, February 18, 2011


What a snooze-a-phone this blog has been so far. I will try to post more often and to actually write something as opposed to lists of video games and ice cream flavors, yawn! Another thing that makes a blog better- pictures! I don't have a very good camera, but I will try to do more of this, starting now!

Here's what breakfast looked like today:

Mmm, Rice Krispies with soy milk. Not pictured is my cup of ginger peach tea, which has been my go-to caffeine source now that I'm trying to cut back on the Diet Pepsi because of this study. You will notice that I also used this time to make a grocery list. When you can't predict how long the baby will nap, you gotta mulit-task.

In other news, I found an AMAZING card game at the thrift store yesterday:

The graphics are wonderful. I will probably give this to a friend of mine as a gift. He loves games and speaks French, and hopefully doesn't know about this blog yet.

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