Thursday, January 5, 2012


So I have all the usual self-improvement ideas knocking around in my brain for this year. Got a membership to the YMCA...actively working toward being more optimistic...etc., but I have just decided tonight that my major goal for 2012 will be to reduce our household food waste. We throw out so. much. food.

Okay, so this is probably easier said than done with a two year old in the house, but there are some big ideas that I can think of right now:

1. EAT THE LEFTOVERS. Just freakin' eat them. Don't tell me there's nothing in the fridge because there are definitely leftovers. (That's a chastisement to myself, by the way.) I need to learn how to repurpose leftovers. That stir-fry that didn't quite turn out surely can be turned into something more edible. Leftover potatoes could be used in a new dish and not just as a sad, late-afternoon microwave affair.

2. Buy what we will eat, not what we think we should eat. I am so guilty of this. At Wegmans, I am totally going to snack on carrot stick and unsalted cashews. When that stuff comes home, suddenly it's a different story.

3. This is a bit of a tangent, but why aren't we ALL bringing our own containers for restaurant leftovers? It would be at least as easy to do as reusable grocery bags, and would result in lest waste when eating out.

Any other good tips for reducing food waste at home? Anybody want to join me in this goal?


  1. Oh man, I totally buy what I think I should...salads, I buy salad bags and they rot in the back of the fridge! I don't like salad at home, why do i buy it? Good luck with wasting less!

  2. Salad bags are such a major culprit!